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Features and Components

Kooplex is a collaborative data analytics platform which is built around the transparent shareable framework of the Jupyter ecosystem. Modular and open source ...

Explore, develop and document

With Jupyter and Rstudio notebooks and other containerized services for productivity

Customizable environments

Enviroments can be managed by users and shared with others

Reporting and publishing

Registered users can create and publish static and interactive reports for anyone


Cloud based dynamic file sharing and desktop synchronization with Seafile or OwnCloud

Stabile workflow managemant

Version control for individual and collaborative work

User management

Building and reusing userdatabases with Hydra

Resource monitoring

With help or Prometheus and Grafana administrators and users can be aware of system load

Scalable computational resources

Computationally intensive jobs can be submitted from user containers via job schedulers

Frontend and backend is served by

Modularized, fast and easy to customize

Kooplex instances and related projects

wherever the data is and collaboration happens

Research site

FIEK collaboration

Educational site

at Eötvös Loránd University


Data exploration

Tutorial videos

Here we present a couple of videos that shows how easy it is to use Kooplex.
To display the videos click on the images!

  • Login authentication

    You have two options to use Kooplex. Whether you can register directly to Kooplex, or if you are member of a university, you can authenticate yourself via eduID.

  • Launch your first project

    After the login, you may need to create a project to start working. Each project has separated virtual environment and an own scope providing a secure workflow.

  • Add collaborators

    By default your projects are private, you are the only one who can see it. With a few clicks you can easily add collaborators and share your work with other Kooplex users making collaborative work seamless.

  • Kooplex usage for education

    KooplexEDU provides a programming homework management ecosystem. Teachers can send out, collect and correct homeworks through the KooplexEDU platform. The students are not required to take care of software installation and package management, they can work from any computer using a browser. Currently only supported for ELTE students, but if you are interested, contact us below!

Our Team

We are mainly physicists.

David Visontai

Lead Singer

Jozsef Steger

Lead Drummer

Igor Carnaúba

Lead Vocalist

The Kooplex platform is constanty developed. Follow us to keep updated on new opportunies to collaborate with us.

Contact Us

If you have a question file an issue at our github or write us here: